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Denissa Kiehl: Artist and Artwork on Television

KRGV (abc) Channel 5 News - Rio Grande Valley, Texas
"Soothing Art" featured in the Con Mi Gente segment 
with Mr. Rick Diaz

This video is now on the South Texas Health System YouTube Channel.  It has been placed here for you to view and enjoy.  To see the complete set of murals from this project, click the Murals page link on the left.


Oasis Wellness Center at CSUN 
Acquires Denissa Kiehl's Art 
for its Permanent Collection

y calming artwork enhances      the positive atmosphere in this    environment and allows visitors to    relax and revive themselves from the  stresses of daily life.       

 Denissa Kiehl's 
eleven art pieces      at the Oasis
 Wellness Center      include one painting and ten      
 photographs of vibrant flowers and    landscap
e images. All of this  artwork 
can now be seen on the
 DUK World-Studio Photography page.


Denissa Kiehl's First Children's Book is Published

Many Shades of Brown
is a children's book featuring the topic of diversity.
Denissa Kiehl illustrated and co-edited the story written by Francine Marrus.  Children of many ethnicities paint their self-portraits as the story unfolds.  Many Shades of Brown is now available as an e-book in (click this link:)'s Kindle Store.  

It can be read both on Kindle devices and computer or tablet devices which have had the Kindle reading app downloaded to them.  Some of Kiehl's illustrations from this book can be seen on the DUK World-Studio Illustration page.

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