Denissa Ursula Kiehl
Artist Products and Services

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  Hi! My name is  Denissa Ursula Kiehl.
  I am an American artist, 
offering           products and services in my                 specialties of: painting, mural work,       children’s illustration & nature               photography.  I studied art in                 California, England (University of         Cambridge, and London), Italy (the       Uffizi Gallery and the Academia di         Belle Arti in Florence), and Peru.           I completed these studies in 2014         with my Master of Fine Arts degree in 2D Studio Art - emphasis in painting, at the University of Texas.

The subject matter in my art often comes from my love for: admiring nature, exploring the world, appreciating simple joys of childhood, and studying the mysteries of life and the universe through both spiritual and scientific perspectives.

My art is filled with whimsical, vibrantly colored details and a harmonious balance of both realistic and imaginative elements.

The artwork I create and provide through DUK World Studio is intended to "Always Wow and Uplift You!"

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